Dr Valenzuela & Team  
I really would like to thank you, not only for your skills but for the complete team work that made a patient entering a surgical room to trust, relax, smile and know that inside this is definitely the right decision.  

Dr. Hector you are a star, both in the operating room & your caring manner after surgery   Thank you for coming back to the hospital and spending time with me when I had the reaction to the morphine.  Your strength and time made it possible for me to be ready to leave the hospital in 4 days.   Each day I have become stronger and within a week all the digestive processes were working without the aid of medication.  A miracle really!!!!

Dr Jose, I wish you well, as you go forward to obtain your specialties & you too will also be a great Dr.  Thank you for the time you spent with me when understanding was so crucial. 
Betty, you were like an angel sent from God.  Thanks for your special caring!
I know it takes a strong team to support one another for a long 6 hours, so thanks to all.  May God be close to you always.
With great acknowledgment and thanks
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